These are the Laws of the Traditions. They might sound symple, but you’d be surprised what falls under them.

Respect Those of Greater Knowledge – Translation, respect people who are more powerful. Mouthing off to a master is not a good idea.

A Tutor’s Debt must be repaid – If some one trains you, you owe them one. Some people avoid oweing debts, but training is the fastest method to gain magical knowledge.

A Mage’s Word is His Honor; Break Not a Sworn vow – May sound simple, but in a world where the habit of oath breaking can be actually seen by magi with the means and Magi are big belivers of fate/karma thing, this is important. Even more so then any RPG game, if a Mage gives is word on a thing, he’d best be able to back it up.

The Will of an Oracle Must Always be Obeyed – If you happen to meet one, its best to do what it says.

Betray not your Cabal or Chantry – self explanatory. Don’t be tray your comrades. One of the more serious laws but really depends on one’s defintiion of ‘betray.’

Conspire Not with the Enemies of Ascension – Again, this depends on your definition of ‘enemy of Ascension’ but could include Vampires, demons, Technocracy, Marauders or most any thing else.

Protect the Sleepers, They are Ignorant of what they do – This would be one of the main premise behind Jerico. Protect the Sleepers.

Be Subtle in Your Arts, Lest Sleepers Know You for What You Are – Some times called the Rule of Shadow Flasy affects brings the Technocracy, sleepers and other attention. Best be avoided when possible.


Jericho Nicobolis