New note: Mirach (Kris) has put an Our Chanrtry Wiki up, will be looking for feedback and such.

Just starting. Invites have gone out.

So I have an idea for the Cabal, or rather how it gets put together. Tell me what you think:

During the 61st Council, the Council of Nine actually made some progress at that meeting. One of the decisions was to create a Defensive force for the Traditions. Named the Sanctuary network, the Council have set this up on a trial period to be reviewed at the next Council meeting.

The players have to fit in as the first of the Cabals to work for this Network and the player’s chantry would be the first of the Sanctuary network’s bases. The one problem I can think of is that one character would be at least the level of Disciple (that’s a three dot in any single sphere). IF we go with this concept, the players will have to decide on who gets some free-be points (not unlike a one dot in the age background in vampire) to set this up.

Why is a Disciple needed? The story/setting, Apprentice (one dot) or Initiates (two dots) simply do not have the trust (read political clout) to lead a group of this sort.
What does that mean for the player who is the Disciple? That person will officially be the person in charge. Now it will be up the party to decide on how to make its decisions and internal setup, but the Disciple would be the go to guy (gal) for Tradition affairs. So that person gets more power, how is that fair? If you look at it as D&D “I have more HP then you”….its not. But White Wolf is all about screen time, so the relative power level does not matter much as long as everyone gets the same amount of play. Also, this lucky individual get to be called to all those meetings and multi-Tradition bitch sessions called committee meetings. And the Disciple also the least manoeuvring room when it comes to doing things on the side. Sound fair yet?

Based on what Matt and G said of facebook. Jerico will not be the lead team for Sanctuary. Instead they will be the second or third string.

New issue: Where should we set up?

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