The honourable opposition, or would be if they were not stuck on forcing their beliefs on every one in creation, literally. The Technocracy started out with the laudable goal of saving humanity from evil hoards in the night. To paraphrase a statement in Bradley’s Mists of Avalon, the nascent Technocracy wanted nothing less than to allow a lone girl with a full purse to ride across England without getting raped, robbed, murdered, eaten, soul consumed or worse. Sounds great but things didn’t turn out so well.

Now the Technocracy is so bent on bring order to chaos and bubble rapping the world that will snuff out the very thing they want to protect.

As they are currently considered the team that is winning the Ascension War, the Technocracy has a lot of pull, lots of weapons and by far the most to lose. And like the Traditions, the events in India scared the hell out of them.

A monster vampire of truly biblical proportions and brushed off attacks by armies, vampires, mages of both the Traditions and the Technocracy, ghosts and more. Only the use of one of the Technocracy’s doomsday weapons wielded by one of their few archmages allowed creature to be destroyed at all.

Now, like the Traditions, the Technocracy is looking over its shoulder to see what its been missing.

Iteration X

New World Order



Void Engineers


Jericho Nicobolis