Slayer Proposal

Every Tradition has a subsect that hunts monsters. Be they the Celestial Chorus’s Knights of St.George, or members of House Flambeau. Each Tradition has them. After the boched event called the Second Massasa War, members of the Order of Hermes’s House Tytalus began to organise things. Members of the Celestial Chorus (such as the Knights Templar and Knights of St.George) where the loudest proponents for the Slayer Proposal when it was brought before the Councle of Nine. There was a great deal of politics fallowed. Points in favor:

  • Direct support of the Protocals, namely the Protocal of protecting Sleepers.
  • To recontect with the world at large. Some argue that the Traditions spend to much time locked in Ascension War and too little consern on who they are, theoreticly at any rate, fighting the war for.
  • Resorces might be found and recovered from these continued threats that have alwasy been a problem to the Traditions, but simply been a lower priority.
  • Roving patrols might detect unexpected threats to Ascension that the Traditions have been to preoccupied to notice.
  • The Slay Proposal has been adopted by some cabals with or with out the Council’s blessing. Its better that there was some attempt orginise these ‘monster hunters’ rather then wasting resources as each cabal will know in some aspect, what the others are doing. This is attempt to share information and coordinate activity then the Councle directly ording around cabals of mages like the Technocracy would.
  • The in 1997 a Monstrus Vampire awoke in India. Now many groops rallied to attack this creature. The Knights of St.George had their ranks cut down in attempts slow creature. Only the technocracy stopped the creature by dropping a nuke on it. This proved a true failure on part of the Traditions and its inability to deal with a present danger to every person on the plantet.
Points against:
  • More effort should be directed in fighting the true enemies of Ascension (the Technocracy) instead of picking a war on many fronts.
  • What right do the Traditions have in killing these “monsters?” Now some are truely gruesome and need to be contained, but others are simply too unknown to be considered “evil” or even a threat to Ascension.
  • The Councle has limited resorces that could be better spent else where.

The rise of a apocalyptically strong Vampire in India changed things. The rise of this treat proved that that the Traditions had to broaden their scope.

The Slay Proposal was adopted as the Sanctuary Network. A network of chantries and cabals to monitor, track and when necessary deal with threats.

Slayer Proposal

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