Our Chantry

The Basics of our Chantry thus far (hopefully I’ll flush it out soon including a layout)

Being set up as a front line defense against the supernatural are chantry is fairly basic with most of the time in making the chantry going towards security. As such we have no horizon realm in which to relax in, few servents to help with the day to day upkeep, no magical laboratories to study magiks in our free time, and basically nothing in the way of a research library. That being said we did luck out and find a new home just outside the metropolis pretty much on top of our cabals node to make as our base. The building itself is a decent size and basically brand new and it’s layout and constuction makes it a decently fortified location.

As for security we have an excellent set up. A strong ward against supernatural beings was erected around the place, and a new security system installed to alert poeple in case of an incursion. Lastly a complex trap system was put in place using various magiks to detain any intruders. On hand for our security needs when we (or team B) are not present there is a contingent of 5 guards that are aware of what it is they are protecting and who we are (supernaturally).


5 aware guards; average chantry; no horizon realm; complex trap system (Perception + Alertness roll difficulty 8 or be detained until freed or breaks loose{Strength feat of 11} roll must be made every turn or so); Average security system (Intruders must make a Perception + Steath roll difficulty 7 each turn they move or alert security); a 5pt ward against supernatural entry (willpower rol difficulty 9); modern communications; privately owned; like new; poor library (cannot do nonmagical research at the chantry); no lab (no labs to gain study point or preform experiments); few servent (work is left undone unless the mages chip in); well fortified

Building and location:
we have a mansion sized home with a small yard around it (working on an image(s))

Our Chantry

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