Not a complete lexicon, but choice bits and anything we add later.

Ascension War, The

Gauntlet, The

Arcadia: The land of the fae; the home of all Faeries within the Dreaming

Court: During the Dark Ages, the Fae were were divided into four seasonal factions. Court influences a fae’s ideology, social upbringing, magic and mien.

Firstborn: A “true fae.” The Firstborn sprang from the Mists of Creation in the distant past.

Gilgul: The rite of destroying an Avatar as well as a mage’s ability to do magic or to reincarnate.

Kithain: the term the Fae use in referring to themselves.

Mists, the: The tendency for mortals to forget the effects of Glamour and the presence of changelings after a very short time.

Node: a place of power where quintessence flows freely and strongly.



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