Alt History

Alt History

So I cannot go with the main Mage the Ascension storyline. Why? According to it the world burned already. So some alterations are in order. Mostly I am sticking to the story line based on the 1995 edition of Mage. That means no Avatar storm, and the Ascension War is still rolling.

I will probably leave Doissetep alone. All though I can see them blowing themselves up, I like a bunch of powerful idiots arguing about up there.

Digital Web crash... This will happen, but not as bad. The Virtual Adepts are still top dogs but the gap has narrowed.

Avatar Storm: Really didn’t like this one. I liked the use of spirits and the like, and do not want to lock it out.

Crafts marginalized: this I cans see happening. While the Traditions may shrug and move on if they meet a Craft, the Technocracy would not be so kind…if they bother to note the difference on the Incident report. Like it or not, the Crafts would have to side (to one extreme or another) to side under the Traditions umbrella out of survival.

Concordia Captured: er no. I want the Counsel in one piece and running things. That and I never liked the bit with Henkil coming back. If one is Gil-gulled, one does not come back. Pogrom Refocused: I take my cue from the current branch of ultra conservatives in the USA. If given the opportunity, their followers would happily jail, banish and maybe kill everyone who happens to disagrees with them. As this is Dark Fiction, I assume that neo-cons are getting the edge by the most conservative of them all, the Technocracy. Just think if Rush Limbaugh was a will worker…. nasty thought eh?

Blood Treachery: I see no reason to remove this part. The details might change a little, but its still plausible.

New Convocation: Heavy tweaking. The next generation of masters are on the scene. Most of these few but active magi are from the early part of the 20th century. WWI or WWII vets for the most part. This would apply to the Traditions and the Technocracy. Their level of understanding in the current era would be staggering. I have spoken to computer people my age. The guys who have had computers from day one. For whom programming is not just a job skill, but a trade. They know spooky amount about computers. Now apply that a 30-40 year old hacker. Now apply that to a 30-80 year old magical hacker who knows the base code of reality. Eep. Social trends might throw them a bit, but no more than trying to talk up a mage from the 16th century.

Euthanatos Split: no point any more. The world didn’t end.

Alt History

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