"Of course I'd love a drink. Tell me about yourself. Tell me everything..."


Name: Tuesday

Tradition: Euthanatos

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Conniver

Essence: Dynamic

Attributes: Strength (2), Dexterity (4) (Cat Like Grace), Stamina (2), Charisma (3), Manipulation (3), Appearance (4) (Alluring), Perception (2), Intelligence (2), Wits (2)

Abilities: Alertness (2), Awareness (3), Dodge (2), Intuition (1), Streetwise (2), Subterfuge (3), Drive (1), Firearms (3), Meditation (1), Research (1), Stealth (3), Computer (1), Enigmas (1), Investigation (1), Law (1), Occult (1)

Spheres: Entropy (2), Life (2), Mind (2)
Foci: Entropy: (Quarter) Life: (Bones) Mind: (Stiletto)
Foci Independent Sphere: Entropy

Backgrounds: Avatar (3), Library (1), Node (1), Arcane (5), Mentor (3)

Advantages: Arete (3), Willpower (7)

Merits: Ability Aptitude (Firearms) (1), Animal Magnetism (1), Soothing Voice (2)
Flaws: Dark Secret (1), Nightmares (1), Vengeance (1), Flashbacks (3), Prestigious Mentor (1)


Tuesday is a very attractive woman in her mid to late 20’s. She moves with a cat like grace, and if she’s aware that people are watching her, she doesn’t let on. She will dress somewhat provocatively depending on the occasion, as though welcoming unneeded attention. Most men will fawn over her, while women can be overheard criticizing her fat ankles.

If you were to approach her, she will speak with you no matter who you are. Once conversation is initiated, you will be unable to help yourself as you spill your life story, confessing to things you swore you’d tell no one. When walking away, you’ll realize you still know nothing about her, but it won’t matter because you gave it your best shot, and will have no regrets. Once she’s left the establishment, descriptions of her will always vary, with her attractiveness the only common denominator.

Tuesday is a natural in a firefight, and possesses the steely calm that only someone that has looked death in the eye can have. She has revealed very little about herself to the group, and one can’t help but think she has something to hide. Some mornings she’ll appear haggard, as though she was up all night. There have been times where she was spotted alone crying, asking an unseen person to “stop”. She is clearly haunted by her past, and only time will tell if she’ll trust the group enough to share.

  • Edit – added photo per Derek’s recommendation. Gracia.


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