"Exploration! Experimentation! Exploration! Explanation! Come back alive!"


Name: Celestia Stephanie (steven) Popolay

Tradition: Virtual Adept

Nature: Child

Demeanor: Child

Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 4(contortionist), Stamina 1, Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 2, Perception 4(alert), Intelligence 5(technology), Wits 4(quick reaction).

Abilities: Alertness 2, Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Intuition 1, Streetwise 2, Research 2, Technology 3, Computer 3, Enigmas 3, Investigation 2, Virtual Space 3.

Spheres: Correspondence 3, Entropy 1, Matter 1, Forces 1.

Backgrounds: Avatar 2, Library 3, Node 1, Allies 1.

Advantages: Arete 3, Willpower 7, Resonance-Dyanmic (energetic)

Merits/Flaws: Sphere Natural (forces), Manifest Avatar, Catlike balance, Ambidextrous. Compulsion (protect orphans), Child.


Steven is a strange, somewhat androgynous teenage girl who is known as a wiz behind the computer. Claiming to be roughly 14 years old, she has a certain feral aspect that is reflected in her mannerisms, strange postures, and bare feet. She is a mere 5’1", and couldnt be more than 80 pounds soak and wet. An adventurous, free spirit; with an unconventional and hyperactive personality; a tendency to befriend and talk to animals; who often feels sorry for inanimate objects.

An orphan for all her life, Steven has a strong independent streak like most orphans, but makes friends easily. Like most children she acts immature, speaks in riddles or sometimes sheer nonsense, and is easily distracted. Most who observe her for a short period would assume that she was ‘not all there upstairs’, but her abilities with computers would argue otherwise.

Steven is amazingly dextrous, and often uses her feet for other tasks that most would use their hands (scratching her nose, typing, etc) and doesnt hide this from others. Alternatively, she occasionally walks on her hands when needing to move short distances (across a room per se) and can stay in this position for long times, with no ill effect.

She is never without her laptop, which is covered in a variety of stickers which range from cartoon characters to cities to objects. As well, shaded safety glasses (similar to a construction workers) hang from her head, on a string around her neck. These items are always with her, and she has a backpack which is filled with strange techno-toys, which any mage will recognize as foci’s.

Following her wherever she goes is a Sheltie ‘Uni’ (pronounced ‘you-knee’). This dog seems unusally intelligent, even for a highly intelligent breed. Steven and Uni seem to communicate, and form a balanced relationship, since Uni seems to act almost human, while Steven reverts to her feral mannerisms.

Her admission into the Virtual Adepts was not her choice, and she has not acknowledged even her own admittance into this group. Others count her amongst their numbers, purely due to her computer aptitude with computers and that she is awakened. Her inclusion on the Jericho teams is purely accidental, she was merely hacking an interesting program she had found at the same time a jericho team was attempting to hack. She not only got the hack first, but shut down the VA that was doing the hack (not being aware that it was another mage) She was sought out and added to a lower team until her mage skills improved.

The pic is from Deviantart, by Naruto2292.

Character Build
Celestia Stephanie (steven) Popolay
Interview for membership on the Jericho Team

Traditions Mage: Start Recording.

Steven: OKAY!

Traditions Mage: No, not you.

Steven: Awwww…..

Mage: Can we start with your name?

Steven: Yes.
Mage: (sighs) What is your name?

Steven: Stevens name is Celestia Stephanie Popolay!!!!

Mage: Who is Steven?

Steven: Steven is Steven.

Mage: (larger sigh) How old are you?

Steven: Ummmmmm, 14.

Mage: When did you notice that you were different from others?

Steven: Immediately. Not everyone’s hair is red like mine! Not everyone can do this! (does a handstand and walks around the room on her hands, giggling throughout)

Mage: (after face palming himself) How are you so skilled with computers?

Steven: (sitting cross-legged on the interview table) Computers speak to Steven. Steven has learned to listen. Can’t you hear them?

Mage: It states here you are an orphan, and the record shows that you moved around a lot. Do you have any close friends?

Steven: (spreading her arms out wide) UNI!!! (A sheltie mysteriously appears from behind the mage, leaping over his shoulder and into Stevens arms, licking her face for a moment then turning to the mage. The dog actively scans the mage head to toe and back again, and locks eyes with the mage. The mage is visibly startled at the dogs appearance, as the door is closed, and the dog was not here a moment ago) Uni is my only friend, which also makes him my BEST friend!!!

Mage: (after quickly collecting himself) No one else in your life?

Steven: Steven just said no…(looks close to crying. Uni lets out a low growl)

Mage: Sorry, but I had to make sure. I will state for the record that our usual line of questioning will most likely be irrelevant as we are dealing with a child (Uni begins chasing Steven around the room, making a lot noise) She has no Cabal…

Steven: I have never been to Kabul!

Mage: I SAID CABAL! Ahem. She has no mentor, and from simple observation I would say her mundane life is already pretty messed up, so she most likely has no problems maintaining her usual self. On to the next line of questions. What goals do you have?

Steven: I scored once when I playing soccer with some kids, well……actually Uni scored, but I cheered him on! We won that game two to zero (BARK!) hmmm? Right, three to nothing, all thanks to Uni here (scratches Uni between the ears, who sits beside her, chest puffed out, looking quite proud of himself)

Mage: I meant what do you want to be when you grow up, what do you want to do?

Steven: Ooooooooooh. I want to see the world! Or an astronaut and go to the moon! Or a movie star in a huge action flick! Or maybe a vet, and take care of Uni and other animals, like horses. Do you like horses? I think horses are pretty neat, don’t you? (Uni whines a little) But dogs are neater! (Uni’s tail wags and the whining stops) Dogs are the neatest! You should have a dog.

Mage: Sure. So, officially we will put down ‘undecided’ for the time being, okay?

Steven: But I said….(Uni growls a low growl)

Mage: How do you feel about the sleepers, those who cannot hear their computers like you can?

Steven: You see, here you have a web stick, and it allows you to connect to the Web at any time, from anywhere, without wet-ware. Play e-chess, get dog recipes (Uni’s tail wags and he looks excited) All wireless, see?

Mage: And this connects to the sleepers how?

Steven: Not a bit! (Steven begins playing with Uni, ignoring further questions from the mage. She eventually notices his frustration, and after an intense staring match between Steven and the Mage…)

Mage: End recording.

Steven: But you said…!


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