Miach of the Men of Dea specializes in Herbalism and the healing arts "The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."


Name: Miach

Tradition: Verbena

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Caregiver

Attributes: Strength (1); Dexterity (2); Stamina (1) Charisma (2); Appearance (2); Manipulation (2); Perception (4); Intelligence (3); Wits (3)

Abilities: Alertness (3); Athletics (1); Awareness (3); Dodge (3); Subterfuge (3); Etiquette (1); Firearms (1); Meditation (2); Melee (2); Stealth (2); Survival (1); Investigation (2); Herbalism (3)

Spheres: Correspondence (1); Life (3); Prime (2)

Backgrounds: Arcane (3); Avatar (5) Primordial; Blessing (2); Legend (1); Resources (1);

Arete (3); Willpower (8); Resonance (Static); Quintessence (5)

Merits: Touch of Life (3), Unaging(2), Lightsleeper(3), Immunity (8) Wooden weapons, Life Sense (1), Circumspect Avatar (2)
Flaws: Aging (20), Witch’s Bane (3) cold iron causes 3pts counter magic

Prime Location (Correspondence 1, Prime 1) Finds the location of nodes.;
Heal Self (Life 2);
Heal Another (Life 3);
Exhaustion (Life 3) bashing damage on target, can do DoT;
Organ Failure (Life 3) Lethal Damage on target, can do DoT;
Remove Lifeforce (life 3) Aggravated damage on target, Vulgar, can do DoT;
Strength of Bear, Dex of Cat, Tough as Ox (Life 3) Boost the corresponding stat;
Healthy as a Horse (Life 3) gain one bruised or two maimed health levels;
Rhino Skin (Life 3) Gain one dot armor;
Adaptation (Life 3) allows to operate better in a given environment i.e gills;
Body Modification (Life 3) change pygmentation, height, weight, and gender;
Self Sacrifice (Prime 1) injure self to gain quintessence damage can only be healed by time;
Landscape of the Mind (Correspondence 1) sense area up to a block;
Mold Tree (Life 2) change the shape of a tree;
The Rush (Prime 1) allows to store additional quintessence above the max;
Sense Quintessence (Prime 1) sense stored quitessence;
Enchant Weapon (Prime 2) aggravated damage against supernatural;
Rub the Bones (Prime 2) subject cannot act for durration

Corresponence – runes (personal)
Life – herbs (personal) staff (unique)
Prime – Athame (personal and unique)


Not claiming to be a spry 5 millennium old give or take, give or take (I can lie about my age). A physically frail looking man appearing to be in his 50-60’s, He is a fairly nondescript fellow with long brown hair, being about 5’9” and weighing in at 152 lbs. He seems odd and out of place in the modern world, usually wearing clothes that are made of natural materials (deerskin and woven fabrics some of which seem to be still living you think), an oak walking staff, a bone athame, and carrying around a medicine bag with herbs and poultices that aren’t identifiable. He has a large tattoo on his chest of two oak trees forming an intricate archway that he claims was a gift for his assistance in helping Nuadu out with a small problem earlier in his life. As you get to know him you notice that plants seem to thrive when he is around, he seems to be aware of any ailments or diseases that you have contracted even before you show symptoms and you find his presence to be uplifting and energizing. The oddest thing is that you have never seen him injured to date, not even a paper cut. You could’ve swore that in the last encounter that he was shot at least once, how very peculiar.

The unknown history:
Son of Dian-cecht of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Studied the healing arts under my father and was an apt pupil and very close to my father whilst growing up. My father became jealous of my healing abilities as I started assisting him and the locals started turning to me for healing. Fell into the Well of Slaine as it was being built before the Second Battle of Magh Turedh against The Fomorians and gained the ability to see the vitality of living people as well as an unnatural ability to heal. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I grew back the king’s arm with flesh and blood replacing the silver one crafted by my father. My father struck me down in a jealous rage, afterward attempted to put me back together but failed at the time. I lay dormant for a time as I healed the severe wounding until I walked among the mortals again. I could not find my people again and have wandered the globe whispering into the ears of doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, herbalists, and other healers and helping fix the currents of magic flowing in each patient.

Over the years I have fathered many children which sadly turn out to be mortal and I eventually lose track of them in the mists of time (I’ve decieded to stop having these relations for now). Currently I reside in a secluded area in the Mullangore Wood keeping mainly to myself. In the recent years of turmoil and rapid urbanization I have become involved with the Verbena in and strive to protect the natural world and all the current untapped potential. I travel around the world by my magical tattoos that can translocate me between any tree of proper size. A short time ago when the Ascension war started I joined up in the fight against the new order eventually dubbed technocracy as well as all the other supernatural entities that seemed to be cropping up due to the magical war. This led me to my spur of the moment decision to join the Jericho Squad and aid them with my healing arts.

Questions & Answers:
How old are you?
As a guesstimation I would say over 5000 years but no more then 10000.

How was your life different?
See above.

What was your upbringing?

Who are your friends and family?
My remaining family is my father, mother, and my sister. All of which I have no seen since my reincarnation. My friends are mainly plants but I have begun to make friends in the chantry where jericho is based out of.

When did you first encounter magic?
When I fell into The Well of Slaine.

How did you join the Traditions?
I sided against the technocracy and therefore sided with the Traditions in the end joining them.

How did you join your Cabal?
Via Jericho

How do you deal with the mundane world?
It’s there and very noisy and busy. I tend to keep to myself as a hermit since old habits are hard to break. Mainly i keep my distance since I don’t want people to realize who I am.

Do you maintain a mundane life?
I do maintain the simple things life gardening and maintaining my abode, but i generally don’t have much interaction with sleepers.

What destiny does he prusue?
He wishes for things to return to a more natural state, to see this happen he must overthrow the technocracy and return people to the old ways. I have a long term plan in motion but it may not come around unless I find some help.

What conflicts might come up along the way?
I tend to get distacted to save a natural environment.


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