Niajjada Bantu


Najjda is a West African woman, roughly 5’3" and 140 lbs.. Though centuries old, she only seems 70 or so. She wears a lip ring, a red and white beaded necklace and matching bracelet, and her gray hair pulled back in tight, beaded braids. Her full-length white robe has been dyed with red geometric patterns, and her self-onfident, confrontational manner hids a wealth of empathy for the suffering.


Titles: Seat of Prime (Celestial Chorus). The Eminent Precisian and Prima Councilor Najjda Bantu, Master of Prime, Life, Spirit, Matter and Forces.

Tradition: Celestial Chorus

A full write up for Archmage is in the book Horizon Stronghold of Hope (p98).
In reguards of this story Archmage Bantu is the face of the Celestial Chorus. The Chorus’s largest Guardian order was decimated in India in 1999. The loss of members was tragic, but this forced Chorus to realize a number of facts. Firstly there are some BIG monster around and the Tradition did not know about them or where they where. Are there more? Second and most galling fact is the Traditions as a hole failed to respond to the threat and the Technocracy succeeded.

As a result the Celestial Chorus, along with the Cult of Ecstacy, pushed for the adoption of the Slayer Proposal.

The Slayer Proposal is her political baby and if could mean her possion in the Councle and the Tradition if it fails.

Niajjada Bantu

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